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Bloomberg BNA Software

Problem: BNA Software needed to implement an advanced-functioning system quickly and efficiently. Challenge: BNA did not have the time or capability to implement the system in-house. Solution: The company outsourced development to Buan Consulting to develop and employ a complex system that meets BNA’s requirements. Benefits/Results: Buan assisted BNA in creating a high-functioning and complex…

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Qinetiq: A Case Study

Problem: This large government contractor acquired a partner and, as a result, needed to merge a new system with their existing Salesforce application, including cleaning the database, implementing best practices, and getting the expanded QinetiQ team organized and on the same page. Challenge: Buan needed to maximize efficiencies in cleaning up the data and setting…

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The Sheridan Group: A Case Study

Problem: The Sheridan Group is an enterprise corporation consisting of multiple business divisions that were each using their own legacy CRM systems. The existing CRM systems did not provide a way…

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Versar: A Case Study

Versar needed to provide a simple way to create a review for Opportunities and get these Reviews approved before Opportunity could move forward…

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PFC Energy: A Case Study

Problem: The client needed to move away from a 10 year old legacy system which they can no longer update with new functionality and which was not user friendly. They did not have a sales funnel. They simply kept ad-hoc notes on their member relationships and tracked basic information about membership on a spreadsheet. Challenge:…

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