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Massachusetts Office of Business Development: A Case Study

Problem: Massachussetts Office of Business Development (MOBD) has a program called Economic Development Incentive Program (EDIP), which gives tax benefits to companies who keep their business in MA and meet growth requirements. Each year, these companies need to report financial and employment numbers to the MOBD to show that they are meeting the program guidelines….

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Florida’s Great Northwest: A(nother) Case Study

Problem: Wanted to leverage their current system for grants management, specifically the WIRED grant. Challenge: Each amount they award and requests for reimbursements needed to be tracked, along with compliance to the terms of the grants, with supporting documentation stored in for easy reference. Solution: Buan built the solution to meet all requirements,…

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Florida’s Great Northwest: A Case Study

Problem: Needed to find one centralized solution that could provide visibility across the efforts of their entire business, which include 16 counties in Florida. Challenge: Providing a high level of security because of the sensitive nature of the information they handle. Solution: Buan Consulting created a system that could track all of the relevant information…

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Enterprise Florida: A Case Study

Problem: Internal groups used multiple tracking systems to recruit new businesses, expand existing industry, and increase exports. This created duplicate efforts, miscommunication, an inability to pinpoint the status of leads, inefficient reporting, and no single system of record. Challenge: The groups shared a common vocabulary, but not common meanings. They had the same contacts and…

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