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The Sheridan Group: A Case Study

Sheridan is one of the industry’s largest print and publishing service providers with a focus on segments that demand a high degree of specialized customer service: scientific, technical, medical and scholarly journals, catalogs, books and magazines. Sheridan is comprised of four separate companies throughout the U.S.

Problem: The Sheridan Group is an enterprise corporation consisting of multiple business divisions that were each using their own legacy CRM systems. The existing systems did not provide a way for sales teams to track their opportunities through the sales pipeline, there was little in the way of automation for business process efficiency, and reporting at an executive level was a challenge as there were no enterprise-wide standards established.

Challenge: Sheridan needed an enterprise system that supports the business process of each division while allowing for standardized enterprise reporting. Implementing system security architecture that could enable visibility of divisional cross selling opportunities while still observing the enterprise security model was an added challenge.

Solution: Through a five-phase project, each division of The Sheridan Group was migrated from their existing legacy system onto an enterprise-wide, shared instance of Sales processes were configured to meet the needs of each divisional team, while still allowing for standardized reporting. Salesforce automation tools were leveraged to promote business efficiencies. Salesforce automation tools were leveraged to promote business efficiencies, and allow all business units of The Sheridan Group to have better visibility into their sales and marketing activities and better executive-level monitoring of the sales pipeline.

Benefits/Results: Their customized Salesforce solution has enabled The Sheridan Group to:

  • Improve sales team user experience by providing online, off-line, and mobile application availability
  • Empower the sales and marketing teams with relevant and timely information
  • Support field sales activities
  • Expand cross selling opportunities
  • Advance and standardize reporting and analytics
  • Identify customer and aggregate trends which enable The Sheridan Group to react proactively and intelligently to a changing business climate


The Sheridan Group Video Testimonial

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  • Technology Replaced by Salesforce: SalesLogix, PrintStream, Excel
  • Salesforce Products Deployed: Sales Cloud
  • Product Features: Web to Lead, Email to Lead, Role Hierarchy, profiles/permission sets, and sharing rules to allow for divisional and enterprise-wide security and visibility, customized dashboards
  • Integrations: Weekly integrations with a custom-built internal system to sync address change.
  • Appexchange Apps/Partners: Constant Contact, Jitterbit Dataloader
  • Solution Launch Date: March 2012


“Buan simply did an incredible job from the beginning. They helped us understand what was needed for this SalesForce installation even without knowing our business in detail. Our Project Manager hit the ground running from the beginning…[she] was a quick study regarding business analysis…beyond helpful in guiding us along our installation, training and data migration. When we needed advice about the system set-up, our business processes in the system, consolidation of our company information and many other topics ­ Buan was there for us with educated and timely answers and suggestions.”

—Joan Davidson, Group President, The Sheridan Group

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