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Qinetiq: A Case Study

Problem: This large government contractor acquired a partner and, as a result, needed to merge a new system with their existing Salesforce application, including cleaning the database, implementing best practices, and getting the expanded QinetiQ team organized and on the same page. Challenge: Buan needed to maximize efficiencies in cleaning up the data and setting…

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Detica (Subsidiary of BAE): A Case Study

Problem:  New sales structure required tracking Horizontal and Vertical efforts and a need to provide for collaboration between all business units. Challenge:  The changes in the sales structure and the purchase of SFDC placed a high premium on a quick turnaround. Solution:  Implemented SFDC with a simple sales process and data entry requirements. Details on…

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ARINC: A Case Study

Problem: No single repository for Gating information and no historicals. No single system to use for forecasting. Current spreadsheets were not maintained and no ability to see across divisions Challenge: Dispersed sales team that was continually changing based on skill set, industry and customer knowledge Solution: Standardized on one application with the ability to see…

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Excalibur Associates: A Case Study

Problem: Geographically dispersed government contractor with significant data silos which resulted in limited visibility and understanding of “the big picture” on business activities and sales. Heavy reliance on spread sheets with no formal way to track or manage data. Challenge: Implement a solution that would create one source of truth for data and provide insight…

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