A powerful process—tried & tested.

At Buan Consulting, we firmly believe that successful CRM implementations are built on close client collaboration and agile development philosophies.

Our belief is that each client brings its own set of unique processes, requirements, legacy systems and goals that deserve to be well understood upfront. But this doesn’t require a long, protracted timeline with Buan Consulting. We work iteratively and expeditiously to drive on our clients’ goals.

Our Methodology is rooted in fifteen years’ experience—and has been engineered to ensure that each program is approached strategically, efficiently and effectively.

Plan & Analyze.
Right out of the gate, we listen to you. Our experienced strategists bring an arsenal of requirement gathering methods that range from on-site analysis, surveys and interviews. Here, we ask all the right questions to inform our understanding of your strategic vision, goals, success metrics, potential barriers to implementation and more. Armed with an understanding of the “big picture,” we then work to understand the technical landscape—specifications, legacy systems, data migration and more.

The design phase is where the technical strategy begins to take shape. By following our methodology, we work to glean a better understanding of internal processes and drill deeper into the specific requirements. Based on our clients’ success metrics and key performance indicators, Buan Consulting crafts an implementation plan that incorporates all current requirements, accommodates future requirements and takes into account unique internal processes. Our process ensures we work in lockstep with our client during this critical planning phase.

Develop & Validate.
Buan Consulting employs agile best practices for development, which ensures we’re working in concert with our clients as we develop. No long “going dark” periods. Buan Consulting’s modern, rapid prototyping methodology garners our clients’ input at critical milestones along the way. This enables us to truly customize, evolve and pivot our solutions to align with our clients needs; and to perform user acceptance testing as we build. Through this very important phase, we lend our expert Salesforce implementation experience to help guide our clients through the process—from customizations, to reporting, to security and beyond—ensuring that the final product is powerful, simple and scalable.

Once User Acceptance Testing is completed—and before going live—Buan Consulting conducts hands-on, end-user and administrative training classes. Our aim is to ensure user adoption—we work to provide a clear understanding of the functionality and reporting so our users can take full advantage of their new system. From here, the program is launched and we remain available for support once the system is in-use.

Customer Follow-up.
Baked into our process for every implementation is to retrieve input from our clients—in terms of the solution, the process, project management, and more. Our aim is to ensure that we delivered on our goals, and to understand how best to optimize our process moving forward.

Buan simply did an incredible job from the beginning. They hit the ground running. Buan provided us with a very experienced project manager who was a quick study regarding business analysis and was beyond helpful on guiding us along our installation, training and data migration. When we needed advice about the system set-up, our business processes in the system, consolidation of our company information and many other topics—Buan was there for us with educated and timely answers and suggestions.
— Joan Davidson, Group President | Sheridan, The Sheridan Group