What We Value

Buan Consulting was founded on a specific set of Corporate Values that drive everything we do:

1. Optimism - life is good

2. Give to get - make the customer successful and we will be successful

3. Satisfying and delighting our customers - exceed expectations

4. Building cloud solutions that people actually use - provide value

5. Make recommendations to customers as if they were like family - treat customers like family

6. Walk with a purpose - know why Buan Consulting exists, know what your role is, sometimes leading sometimes following

7. Do the right thing - especially when no one is looking

8. Have fun - life is short

9. Love each other - respect for the individual

10. The belief that we work towards the ultimate success of our customers

11. The belief that there should be trust and integrity in all relationships that we choose

12. The belief that excellence should be pursued in everything that we do

13. We support the communities where we live and work. In the end we believe that we make the world a better place to live a little bit every day both through work and outside of work