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“ was the answer for us in economic development, and Buan Consulting helped implement the application smoothly, streamlining our business processes and optimizing all our data. We’re now able to share and seamlessly transfer centralized, quality data. Our reports are insightful, we’re capturing 2,000-2,500 leads a month, have powerful email capabilities, and a process for change management. Our adoption rate went up from under 50% to more than 90%.”
— Mike Goodrich, Director of Administration, Arlington Economic Development (AED)

“The use of Buan Consulting services allowed us to remain focused on our core business instead of becoming Salesforce experts. The process changes implemented by Buan resulted in improved reporting and reduced manual processing. Technical support from Buan allowed us to resolve Salesforce issues that could not be readily resolved by Salesforce Technical Support. The Buan staff worked quickly to resolve several technical problems, ensuring minimum business disruption. Buan continues to make us feel like a valued customer.”
— Robert Shields, Director, UR Solar Power, LLC

“For Network Media Partners, Inc., Salesforce, the platform and Buan Consulting’s agile customization skills have literally energized us. While other media firms are struggling with industry changes and shrinking, we are able to focus our talent and resources on serving our clients. We are investing heavily in marketing, as well as expanding the range of services we offer our clients. We have custom-designed our accounting and internal processes on the platform in a few months. Since the cloud platform is so agile and versatile, our goal is to move ALL of our corporate-server functions to the platform in 2012. Buan Consulting has helped us solidify our position as sales, service and technical leaders in a rapidly evolving association media marketplace. We know we will grow significantly in 2012 and even faster in 2013. Everyone at Network Media Partners, Inc., from interns to owners, uses Salesforce and we are all on the same page!”
— Jim Cooke, Network Media Partners Vice President, Accounting and IT

“In just one location, Buan Consulting has significantly impacted our business by allowing us to gain more visibility into our sales activities, reduce back office staff by one, and increase sales staff by two, resulting in increased sales of 34%. By implementing their solution at our other yards, we will have better visibility into each yard, will coordinate bidding activities and be able to centralize all billing activity.”
— Chris Rzepkowski, DeVERE Branch Manager

“Buan Consulting has helped streamline our business through a newly defined business process using a centralized system where we can track projects through their entire lifecycle. Before the CRM system was implemented, we had limited reporting capabilities, we can now run scheduled or ad hoc reports, which has saved our business many hours each week.”
— Therese Baker, Florida’s Great Northwest VP of Administration

“We knew the value of when we chose them as our CRM system, but Buan helped us to create a system that was a perfect fit for our business. Our senior management team now has real-time insight into the business development and capture planning activities, and the business development team has the system they need to be successful.”
— Fred Mendes, Excalibur CEO

“We looked at many different economic development software packages and never felt comfortable with them. The solution implemented by Buan Consulting comes closest to what we need. Most economic development work is focused on partnerships and long-term relationships. We can now manage all the players in a business recruitment opportunity and track follow-up obligations essential to these complex relationships. We will be making significant process enhancements based on real information rather than anecdotal data or guesswork.”
— Cynthia Richmond, Deputy Director for Arlington Economic Development

“Our sales information is now centralized and processes are standardized. We have eliminated many hours of manual report generation because SalesForce can automatically generate the information we need. Cross selling of shared customers is so improved now that we are now cooperating across sales opportunities so much better! The ability to see consistent information about our sales pipeline for the entire company and across all segments is a major plus for our business. I personally phoned Dan Buan, the President of Buan Consulting, once the project was complete to tell him how impressed I was with this company as they delivered a technology project on time and on budget.  I’ve managed and led several technology projects in my career – and this accomplishment of on time and on budget is rare.”
— Joan Davidson, Group President, The Sheridan Group

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