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Armada: A Case Study

Problem: Armada needed an automated and centralized system to manage the intake and lifecycle of clinical (and on occasion non-clinical) calls from members of the ArmadaHealth executive benefit plan.

Challenge: Because the Armada process contains the exchange of PHI (protected health information), they required a way to securely communicate with their client base regarding cases. In addition, the project required three integration points: Five9 CTI integration, as well as integrations with two third-party databases to keep all parties in sync.

Solution: The Service Cloud was leveraged to design a case management system with an SFDC Call Center with Five9 CTI and a customer portal to allow two-way communication. The integration requirements were met using Jitterbit Studio operations. Buan also provided functionality for Email to Case, Web to Case, a third-party survey tool to facilitate the capture of customer feedback, Content Library, Chatter (plus Chatter free internal and external), Salesforce for Outlook.

Benefits/Results: Armada agents are now able to receive calls from clients with automatic screen pops containing their information and benefit entitlements, log cases internally, and provide clients with customer portal access where the exchange of PHI is secured by login authorization requirements. Customers are able to track the status of their cases in real time, increasing satisfaction, and management has full visibility into agent workload and SLA attainment.

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