About Us

Inspired CRM experts.

At Buan Consulting, our aim is simple: we strive to craft meaningful Salesforce CRM solutions that impact our clients’ business. And our Salesforce Certified Consultants have an average of eight years of experience working with the platform.

We effectively deliver on complicated requirements that are unique to specific organizations. That’s what we mean by “meaningful:” the final solutions are engineered to drive true mission-driven impact.

The Force.com platform is flexible like that. And so are we. We’ve engineered, customized and implemented hundreds of CRM solutions that are incredibly diverse. And, if we may be so bold to say—we’ve nailed it. We’re Salesforce experts. Bring us a challenge and we’ll make it happen.


To us, it’s about more than technology. It’s the strategic client collaboration that truly inspires us.

We’re a team of expert technologists who hail from some of the biggest and best technology companies. United by our desire to innovate and collaborate; we love getting to know our clients—their worlds, their goals, their challenges and then helping them to grow.

Inspired Solutions. Our solutions are built with meaning—not a “canned” solution shoe-horned to fit—rather, our solutions are crafted thoughtfully by Force.com experts to deliver on specific goals. We’re inspired by our client’s unique puzzles and finding ways to solve their problems through technology. That’s what motivates us.


How? Through a set of core values that are imbued in everything we do. Process, staffing, communications and overall ethos are all driven by the following three values:

  • Focus. We believe in doing something we love—and doing it really well. For the past nine years, we’ve engineered, customized, implemented and evolved Salesforce CRM solutions for clients across the country, with great success. From here, we continue to nurture and grow our knowledge in specific industry verticals—we can fully immerse ourselves into our client’s worlds, language and unique requirements.
  • Mastery. We strategically pick experienced technologists that align with our vision. Our team of talented alums comes from some of the biggest and best technology companies out there, and shares the Buan Consulting enthusiasm for innovation and strategy.
  • Listen. We’re responsive and approachable, with a unique ability to translate what we hear from our clients into technical solutions that make sense.


Their Salesforce expertise was not just words on paper – Buan was the experience. They delivered on what they could do.
— Joan Davidson, Group President | Sheridan, The Sheridan Group