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Best of SpringCM December 2017 Release

Posted by Mansha Monga, Senior Business Analyst

SpringCM has been assisting customers with extending their Salesforce data to automate contract creation, organization and management to ultimately close business faster. With the December 2017 release, SpringCM is simplifying the contract management business process by officially rolling out the new Workflow Designer!

If you have used the old Workflow Designer, you know that it was often difficult for customers to maintain on their own. The new Workflow Designer has a seamless user interface, allows users to easily search for actions and variables and includes new workflow actions, such as automatically adding a watermark to your document.

SpringCM also has implemented workflow action specific improvements and other workflow-related functionality. For example, the Review & Send for External Review Action now gives users the ability to choose from different Email Appearance options. The December release also includes the ability to delete a workflow and be able to access your queues from the Address Book. To read more about the basics of the new Workflow Designer, click here

SpringCM also is rolling out a significant improvement to the Doc Launcher Forms wizard. Earlier iterations of the Doc Launcher Forms had certain limitations to configuring a drop-down field, such as implementing a drop-down field with larger picklist values (e.g., 2-digit state codes). In the December ’17 release, SpringCM is implementing the ability to upload picklist values using a CSV file. The CSV file must be saved in your SpringCM account to select it when adding a new drop down to a Doc Launcher Form.

To see more of the enhancements from the SpringCM December release, click here. If you are ready to implement any of this new functionality, give Buan Consulting a call at 410-263-2707. We are the only partner certified in both SpringCM and Salesforce CPQ, and best positioned to handle the transition from Quote to Cash. Let our team of experts help integrate CPQ with this streamlined CLM process