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Generis: A Case Study

Problem: Looking to move from ACT! (used it for 10 years) to will have 12 field reps and 8 office reps to work with. Need to automate the process of entering new contacts and sending information. Challenge: Create better workflow and process management, more accurate reporting of activity and opportunities, and migrate 14,000+ contacts….

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The Case Foundation: A Case Study

Project: To create custom S-Controls (shortcuts) Business Problem: The client needed a quick way to create custom objects which included information already captured in a other objects Challenge: This is not standard functionality Solution: Buan Consulting created S-Controls to calculate date ranges for the custom objects and pre-populate additional fields derived from the other…

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American Red Cross: A Case Study

Problem: To implement a CRM system to track public inquiries. Challenge: The Red Cross needed to implement a web to lead ‘Contact Us’ form to reduce workload for their internal IT department. The new system would need to capture inquiries and respond with canned emails. During the Haiti Relief efforts they have seen a 1300%…

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Family Service Agency of San Francisco: A Case Study

Project: Create custom code built on the native application to display custom data forms within using custom buttons and Web tabs. Provide a flexible, open means of extending the user interface. Business Problem: The client needed a quick way to update an opportunity with the hours billed Challenge: Override the function of…

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Scenic Rivers Land Trust: A Case Study

Problem: Scenic Rivers needed to be able to monitor easements on properties to manage the watershed; monitor regular contact, inquiries and events; and record when letters were sent and link them to files. Challenge: Before the system could be designed, Buan Consulting would need to import data from DNR, which used both numbers and codes….

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Ashoka: A Case Study

Problem: Ashoka is a global organization with global programs which was operating without global infrastructure. They did not have any way to share information about constituents between programs or countries. There were 12 discreet organizational units with over 200 users in over 30 countries with strong program growth expected. Challenge: The relatively autonomous organizational units…

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