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Qinetiq: A Case Study


Problem: This large government contractor acquired a partner and, as a result, needed to merge a new system with their existing Salesforce application, including cleaning the database, implementing best practices, and getting the expanded QinetiQ team organized and on the same page.

Challenge: Buan needed to maximize efficiencies in cleaning up the data and setting up systems and processes that QinetiQ could implement in the years to come.

Solution: After cleaning up the data and designing new processes, Buan implemented a highly customized Salesforce solution that uses a custom, standalone application to interface with QinetiQ’s HR database. Buan also continues to offer training in best practices.

Benefits/Results: Now, QinetiQ can easily interface with their HR system to manage a large number of employee records in real time. QinetiQ and Buan formed a thriving partnership in which Buan is able to share its experience with Salesforce and government contracting to optimize QinetiQ’s Salesforce system.

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