Why Salesforce?

Love at first sight.

Informed decision-making. Better sales tracking. Improved communications. Streamlined processes.

These are the common themes we’ve heard from our clients over the past fifteen years, since we opened our doors.

At Buan Consulting, the question became: what’s a truly innovative, cloud-based technology that we can leverage to quickly and effectively meet these specific goals—in a single platform? One that can scale and evolve alongside our clients businesses?

To us, the answer was clear. Salesforce. And nine years ago, we became a Salesforce Implementation Partner. You could say, we drank the Kool-Aid, and haven’t looked back once.

Since then, we have studied it, manipulated it, and customized it successfully for our clients—with great results. It’s secure and flexible. It enables us to tailor incredible solutions, rooted in very complex, unique requirements.

By overlaying our Salesforce skills with a truly strategic approach, we’re able to power truly remarkable—and meaningful—applications for our clients that create impact.