SteelBrick Certified Implementation Partner

The SteelBrick Quote-to-Cash suite provides customers with Next Generation Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) and Billing apps that are fast and easy to deploy.

SteelBrick CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) increases sales productivity, eliminates errors, ensures accurate pricing, maintains compliance, and grows order value by cross selling

Get fast, accurate access to product, price, proposal, quote and contract data with SteelBrick CPQ.

      • Do you still use spreadsheets for your pricing and products?
      • Do you spend a lot of time struggling with proposals and contracts?
      • Do you store all these documents in different places?

CPQ software eliminates all those hassles, enabling you to configure, price, and quote all in one platform to streamline the selling process. And SteelBrick CPQ is a next generation CPQ application that works within the Salesforce platform because it’s built 100% on Salesforce. No special skills are needed.

Save time, reduce errors, increase productivity

With SteelBrick CPQ, you can quickly:

      • Create accurate quotes
      • Configure products and pricing
      • Generate proposals and contracts using custom templates
      • And more

Request a copy of our CPQ white paper: “Accelerating Sales and Productivity with a CPQ Solution”

SteelBrick Billing manages billing, payments and revenue recognition

Seamlessly integrate your invoicing, collections, taxes, and reporting with SteelBrick Billing.

      • Are you unable to forecast revenue accurately?
      • Do you struggle with rigid billing systems not supporting business models?
      • Are you using cumbersome tools lacking integration?

It may be time to take a look at a billing solution that is built natively on Salesforce allowing you to seamlessly integrate your invoicing, collections, taxes, and reporting into one platform, all within Salesforce. Save your company time and money with SteelBrick Billing while providing a streamlined user experience for your customers.

Ensure accuracy, eliminate manual data entry, automate invoicing

With SteelBrick Billing, you can quickly:

      • Recognize revenue and report on quotes, orders, invoices, and payments
      • Manage and collect payments
      • Automate the invoicing process for all of your clients
      • And more

All in one easy-to-use add-on. That means you can put more resources into building your business.

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Let Buan Consulting Help

Buan Consulting can set you up on SteelBrick CPQ and SteelBrick Billing. We have the most Certified SteelBrick Consultants of any SteelBrick partner, and the highest number of successfully completed CPQ implementations. We’re always looking out for you and other ways you can better your business.

Our consultants are trained and certified to deliver industry-leading add-on solutions from several strategic partners, such as SteelBrick.

So you’re in good hands.