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Text Function for Formulas Expanding in Spring 2014

Tip of the month: February - by Senior Consultant Todd Drexler The TEXT() Function allows you to convert a value to text. This becomes really helpful when using Pick-lists and wanting to capture or check the value that has been selected. Currently, the TEXT() formula function only works in Validation Rules, Formula Fields, and Field Update….

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The Custom Setting Every Administrator Needs

Tip of the month: January - by Senior Consultant Julianne Boley As an administrator, you may want to protect data integrity by setting up validation rules that prevent users from creating, editing, and/or deleting data. Often in this situation there are certain users that are exceptions to the rule and you may find yourself writing…

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Improved Search Features: Enhanced Lookups

Tip of the Month: November - By Senior Consultant Todd Drexler Have you ever wanted to be able to search for a record in a lookup field by something other than the record name? Now you can with the Winter 2014 Salesforce Release. With this new feature you are now able to search for a…

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Mapping Custom Lead Fields in Salesforce in 4 Simple Steps

When converting a lead into Account-Contact-Opportunity (ACO), sometimes a user may have some custom fields in the lead object and want information in this field to be transferred to the ACO, once the lead has been converted. Most users simply create the same custom field of the lead in the ACO and expect the information…

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Buan’s Tip of the Month:  Salesforce Communities by Senior Consultant David Solsberry

Salesforce Communities, a useful way to share and exchange information with customers or partners, is a new feature of the Salesforce Summer 2013 release. Communities helps make business processes social - it lets both internal and external users interact in a secure way throughout your business. Salesforce Communities is intended to replace customer portals. If organizations currently…

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Buan’s Tip of the Month: Opportunity Splits

by Senior Consultant Julianne Boley 

Opportunity Splits If your sales process includes multiple team members that should receive some portion of credit for a closed won sale, the Summer 13 has a new feature that could help you accurately give credit where it is due. 

ABC company pays its sales team a 3% commission on…

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Buan’s Tip of the Month: Cloud Scheduler with Senior Consultant Julianne Boley

Cloud Scheduler Planning a meeting that fits into everyone’s schedule can be challenging. Using the Cloud Scheduler can help you provide suggested meeting time options to your customers and allow them to respond with the time that works best for them. When you use Cloud Scheduler to request a meeting with a contact, lead, person account, or…

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Buan’s Tip of the Month: Integration between Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce

Integration between Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce just got better! With the release of Salesforce Outlook Side Panel in Winter 2013, users can now see Contacts, Leads, Activities and Opportunities attached to emails without signing in to Salesforce! Links within Outlook launch a Salesforce Browser in a side window within Outlook to display relevant information. The…

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Buan’s Tip of the Month: Chatter Polls, by Mohammad Fasihi

A new winter ‘13 release and extension from the “Ideas” object Chatter Polls allows users to utilize the chatter collaboration tool and create polls. They can share the polls within a group, on their personal page, or organization-wide.  This is an important tool for companies to use — allowing them to gain insight/feedback on their…

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