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Buan’s Tip of the Month: Chatter Polls, by Mohammad Fasihi

A new winter ‘13 release and extension from the “Ideas” object

Chatter Polls allows users to utilize the chatter collaboration tool and create polls. They can share the polls within a group, on their personal page, or organization-wide.  This is an important tool for companies to use — allowing them to gain insight/feedback on their internal processes and collateral, and gain employee day-to-day thoughts.

It’s extremely easy to use and companies can build reports regarding the results and be able to make sound decisions.


Starting in winter 2013, you can create a poll in your feed. Polls are a great way to get people’s opinions or gather data by providing a list of choices. For example, you are in charge of planning an annual sales meeting and need to find out when most people are available to attend the meeting. Instead of emailing everybody in the sales organization, you could create a poll in the Sales Chatter group that lists possible dates and ask people to vote for the date that works best for them.

Posting a Poll

1. Above the feed, click “Poll.”

2. Type a question in the text box. You can add a hashtag or mention someone.

3. Type at least two choices.
Click on “Add more choices” to add another choice. You can enter up to ten choices.

4. Select to post the poll to your followers or to a group.
If you’re posting the poll to a group, select the name of the group from the drop-down list.

5. Click “Share” to post the poll.

Anyone with access to the poll or the post can select one of the choices and click “Vote” to submit their vote. People can only cast one vote, but they have the option to change their vote.

For more information on Chatter Polls or to be added to our email distribution list, please contact: [email protected]

We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you and your team this year.

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