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Text Function for Formulas Expanding in Spring 2014

Tip of the month: February - by Senior Consultant Todd Drexler

The TEXT() Function allows you to convert a value to text. This becomes really helpful when using Pick-lists and wanting to capture or check the value that has been selected. Currently, the TEXT() formula function only works in Validation Rules, Formula Fields, and Field Update. In Spring 14 the TEXT() formula function has been expanded to approval rules, approval step rules, workflow rules, auto-response rules, escalation rules, assignment rules, and custom buttons and links.

Example of using TEXT() Function to enter Approval Process:

Comparison before and after Spring 14

TEXT() Use for Picklists Before Spring 14 After Spring 14
Validation Rules X X
Formula Fields X X
Field Updates X X
Approval Rules X
Approval Step Rules X
Workflow Rules X
Auto-Response Rules X
Escalation Rules X
Assignment Rules X
Custom Button and Links X


You can read more information about this feature and others in the Spring 14 Release notes or contact your Buan Consultant for any questions you may have.