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Improved Search Features: Enhanced Lookups

Tip of the Month: November - By Senior Consultant Todd Drexler

Have you ever wanted to be able to search for a record in a lookup field by something other than the record name?

Now you can with the Winter 2014 Salesforce Release.

With this new feature you are now able to search for a record by something other than the Name field in a lookup field search. If you are searching for an Account, you can now search by Account Number, phone number, or another field identifier to help locate the Account you are looking for.  This option is currently available for Accounts, Contacts, and Custom Objects.  It is not available for the User Object.

To enable this feature, Enhanced Lookups must be enabled.  If you already have Enhanced Lookups enabled, this feature is already on turned on in your org.

Here are the steps to enable Enhanced Lookups:

In Setup, under App Setup select Customize > Search > Search Setting and then check the Enhanced Lookups box and the objects you would like to enable this feature for.  Make sure that you select  after making changes.

With Enhanced Lookups enabled:

Searching for a value other than the Record Name will not find the record that you are looking for.

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