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Embedded Report Charts

Sometimes you want to dig into the details without actually having to dig for them, and that’s when embedded report charts in come in handy. Salesforce offers an extensive suite of reports and dashboards to help you forecast, monitor, and optimize business performance.

Instead of navigating to the Reports tab, you can embed a report directly in a standard or custom object’s detail page to visualize the data in its full context.

Here’s how to embed a report chart on the Account Detail Page:

  • Ensure the report chart you would like to embed is in a shared folder.
  • Go to:  Setup | Customize | Accounts | Page Layouts and click Edit. 
  • From the left palette, click Report Charts.

  • Drag your report onto the layout (you may want to create a new section).
  • Click Save.
  • Go to an Account Detail record to view an embedded report chart.

Example: Embedded Report Charts on an Account Detail Page

* Note: Setup | Customize | User Interface | Enable Enhanced Page Layout Editor must be checked to embed report charts. Only two reports are permitted per page.


  • From the Account Detail page, click Edit Layout to view your Chart Properties.
  • Scroll down to the embedded chart and click on the wrench icon to edit Chart Properties.


  •  Note:  The chart is automatically filtered to show only data that is relevant to the particular record (Account Name: Account ID) you are viewing.
  • It is NOT recommended to check ‘Refresh each time a user opens the page’, as this slows down loading. The page will automatically refresh every 24 hours. Or, you can manually click the ‘Refresh’ button on the page any time after it loads. The date/time of last refresh will be displayed under the chart.

Voila! And that’s how you can view business insights from the same location where you or your team are reviewing Accounts day-to-day.

You can read more information in Salesforce Help & Training or contact your Buan Consultant for any questions you might have at 410-263-2707.






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