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Mapping Custom Lead Fields in Salesforce in 4 Simple Steps

When converting a lead into Account-Contact-Opportunity (ACO), sometimes a user may have some custom fields in the lead object and want information in this field to be transferred to the ACO, once the lead has been converted.

Most users simply create the same custom field of the lead in the ACO and expect the information in that field to be transferred to the custom field in the ACO. However, this won’t transfer the data, as the user has to define a mapping between them.

Let us consider a case, where we have a custom field named “Territory” in the lead object. Upon lead conversion, we want the data in this field to be available in a new opportunity that will be created while converting the lead.

First, we have to create a custom field in the opportunity object. Here, we need to make sure that we keep the data type of this field the same as the data type of the territory field in the lead object. Once we have these two fields in both the objects, we need to map them.

To map these objects, follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Navigate to Setup, in App Setup and click on Customize. Then, select Leads >> Fields, the lead fields will get displayed in the screen.

  2. Click on the Map Lead Fields button in Lead Custom Fields & Relationships section.
  3. In the mapping screen for the Object Territory, click on the dropdown and select “Opportunity.Territory.”
  4. Click Save. Done!

Now, whenever we convert lead to an opportunity, the data in the Territory field of lead will get copied to Territory field of the new opportunity. Using the lead mapping functionality shown above for opportunity, users can map different lead fields to accounts and contacts as well, depending on their requirements.

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