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Buan’s Tip of the Month: Integration between Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce

Integration between Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce just got better! With the release of Salesforce Outlook Side Panel in Winter 2013, users can now see Contacts, Leads, Activities and Opportunities attached to emails without signing in to Salesforce! Links within Outlook launch a Salesforce Browser in a side window within Outlook to display relevant information. The Add Email icon next to the Contact or Account data in the side panel will add the email from Outlook to Salesforce as an Activity. Won’t that be helpful when you are on a Sales Call?

With the side panel, you can add an email in one click to Salesforce. When you select an email in Outlook, the side panel displays up to four Salesforce contacts and leads from the From, To, and CC fields. You have the option to add the email to either one contact and one account or opportunity, or one lead only.

To add an email to a Salesforce record, click Add Email next to a contact, account, opportunity, or lead. This adds the email to your Salesforce records without sending the email to My Unresolved Items, so you can spend less time managing your unresolved items. If the side panel doesn’t display the record you need to add to the email automatically then use the search feature to find the additional records and you can then add the email to any of the records that appear in your search results.

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