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7 Selling Points of SteelBrick CPQ!

Eliminate your pain points with a configure, price, and quoting system from the App Exchange

Does this sound painfully familiar to you?

    1. Creating quotes is frustrating and time consuming for your sales reps.
    2. Your sales reps spend more time on administrative tasks than with customers.
    3. You’ve lost deals because your competitor provided a quote faster.
    4. There are often errors, issues or inconsistencies with your quotes.
    5. Your sales reps often use an outdated price book.
    6. You have trouble analyzing historical data for quotes.
    7. You can’t access past quotes.

SteelBrick CPQ eliminates those problems and speeds up your sales process.

Streamline your sales process with SteelBrick CPQ

By automating time-consuming tasks, SteelBrick CPQ eliminates these problems and increases efficiency. So you spend more time in front of customers and less time in front of the computer.

Here are seven reasons to add SteelBrick CPQ to your Salesforce platform. With SteelBrick, you can:

    1. Automatically populate data from quotes into opportunities
    2. Quickly bundle products and select the bundles you need
    3. Easily add products and product bundles to a quotes you’ve already created
    4. Cross- and up-sell customers using guided selling functionality that leads Sales Reps through a list of questions
    5. Update information quickly and easily
    6. Access historical data immediately
    7. Save time by following defined business rules


See how now

The below figure shows the screen in which you can easily add products and product bundles to a Quote that has already been created.  Simply select the check-box on to the left of all the products you want to add to your Quote and click on the ‘Select’ button at the top of the screen!

The next figure shows how the system guides you through selecting options within a bundle (here the bundle name is Cloud Solution), as well as ensuring defined business rules for the bundle are adhered to.

Relevant discounts are calculated and applied automatically. Automatic discounts SteelBrick CPQ can handle are volume pricing discounts, pro-rated subscriptions, partner pricing, channel pricing, percent-of-total subscriptions, and pre-negotiated contract pricing.  You can also allow users to manually enter discounts as a percent or as an amount.

SteelBrick’s customizable quote templates can help minimize errors during the quoting process, as well as make quotes more consistent and accurate.  Company logo, headers and footers can all be standardized across templates.

SteelBrick CPQ helps to minimize human error by automatically pulling in data from Account and Product records.  You can generate a customer facing pdf with just one click.  Another click generates an email that is attached to the main record to allow for a SOX compliant audit trail.

Stay ahead of your competition

With these and many other convenient features, SteelBrick CPQ lets you get in front of your competition with. Guided selling allows you to quickly and accurately provide your customers with the products they need.  With fast turnarounds and instant access to information, you’ll increase customer satisfaction. Learn more at