Any kind of data. Anywhere.

Buan Consulting is a specialist and Authorized Partner of Autonomy, a robust enterprise knowledge management system that powers:

  • eCommerce
  • Customer relationship management
  • Knowledge management
  • Enterprise portals
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Online publishing

Buan Consulting has implemented Autonomy solutions for countless clients over the past fifteen years. In fact, it was our fluency with Autonomy that served as the catalyst to open our doors in 2000 and we’ve enjoyed continued success ever since.

It is Autonomy’s powerful search mechanism that truly sets it apart. It enables customers to search and retrieve a broad range of structured and unstructured information across the web or any internal system.

By leveraging a more scientific approach (involving a mathematical probability theory that maps data based on pattern recognition), Autonomy powers exceptional accuracy and enables sophisticated, laser-focused interactions to occur regardless of traditional geographic, subject, language, format or application barriers.

Pretty cool stuff.