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Quality Health Strategies

Company Overview: Quality Health Strategies (QHS) is the parent of established and prominent health care organizations. With over 400 highly skilled health industry associates, QHS uses a combination of knowledge, experience, creativity and cutting-edge technology to ensure the future of quality health in healthcare and human services.

Problem: QHS was using an outdated database system and data was managed in multiple areas throughout the organization.  Marketing had difficulty creating and managing leads from conventions. They were unable to have up-to-date data about government contractors readily available when needed and there were no analytics or reports that were available or easy to run.

Solution: Buan implemented Salesforce and configured SFA objects such as Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Campaigns, Leads and Activities.  Historical data was imported into Salesforce consolidating all of their information into one location for easy access to contracts and records. Buan implemented GovWinIQ which provides additional details in Salesforce about government contracting and Buan created Reports and Dashboards to provide analytics around sales processes.

Benefits/Results: All users are now leveraging one single platform with real time up-to-date information around government contracting with GovWinIQ. Validation rules provide cleaner data and Salesforce allows for less human error and more automation of the sales process, providing 360 degree view of the sales process.


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