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Company Overview: Vidsys provides a transformational Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software platform used to run operations centers for public sector agencies and leading enterprise organizations globally.

Problem: Sales Process was unorganized and needed to be streamlined. Quoting and output documents were created in Excel, causing room for error, and allowing users to edit Quotes without management oversight.  Price books and Products were not set up to allow for intuitive Quoting process and volume discounts were not maintained in the Sales process. Vidsys did not have an approval process nor renewal process in place. Needed to calculate complex pricing structure without leveraging Excel

Solution: Buan implemented Salesforce CPQ simplifying the quoting process, leveraging price rules and product rules to calculate pricing structure correctly for a seamless process for users. Discount schedules were set up to create volume discounts. Buan was able to streamline output document process and maintained integrity of output document by creating Quotes in Salesforce instead of Excel. Buan created an auto-renewal process to create opportunities and Quotes based on criteria and configured Approval process allowed for discounting process to happen in Salesforce instead of manually.

Benefits/Results: Increased adoption with all users leveraging the platform and all users using the same processes. Standardized quote and sales process allows users to make quicker and more formalized Quotes with fewer errors on pricing calculations and automated output document creation.


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