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Company Overview: Aetna is a popular health insurance provider headquartered in Connecticut.  The voluntary division provides voluntary insurance benefits, available through employers. These affordable insurance plans, which you pay for through payroll deduction, include benefits such as Aetna Fixed Benefits, Hospital Plans, Critical Illness Plans, Accident Plans, and Dental/Vision insurance.

Problem: Aetna recognized they needed to streamline their document management process, insurance rate tables were not able to be calculated easily in their salesforce instance, it was difficult to organize state mandates in documents and there was no automated approval process.  Enrollment kit creations were very lengthy as this was a manual process pulling data from multiple locations, there was no e-signature functionality  and the kits lacked the ability to sort and merge documents easily and automatically.

Solution: Buan implemented Salesforce CPQ and built a custom calculator tool to generate rate tables/ranges referencing look-up criteria, Salesforce approvals were setup for underwriters to use and product and price rules were created in CPQ for state mandate exclusions and inclusions.  Buan also implemented SpringCM allowing the enrollment kits to leverage drag and drop functionality along with auto-merging via SpringCM FileIt app while created within Salesforce/SpringCM UI automatically. Adobe Echosign was also integrated into SpringCM for easy e-signature process.


Benefits/Results: Entire process is now automated and in one system reducing the total time to create documents and proposals. Sales teams and underwriting are more efficient and Aetna can send documents to clients and providers electronically allowing for a faster turn around time.

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