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Buan’s Top Picks for New SpringCM Functionality

Posted by Kristina Lee, SpringCM Engagement Manager

Many new enhancements were introduced in the Summer release of SpringCM.  Over the last few months, Buan has been able to review and implement several of these new developments with our customers.  We would like to share with you some of our favorite new SpringCM functionality!

New Document Preview

When previewing documents, you are now able to modify the toolbar actions and display order by persona across all your devices – your phone and tablet while you are on the go, or laptop and desktop while at your office. While eventually all previews will default to this new display, you can set this preview preference in the admin section called “Set Doc Preview as Default Preview”. Do note that this is an account-wide setting and enabled for everyone in your SpringCM instance. You can also set the preference “Enable Doc Preview to Complete a Workflow Task” if you want to use the new preview when completing workflow tasks.

Relating Documents

We have had many customers who requested this functionality in the past.  You can now easily relate documents such as MSA, NDA and SOWs to each other. This significantly helps organize and keep track of a Client’s documents. To do this, go to the Info tab of the Document.  To relate the documents, select Attach, find the document in the folder tree and attach.

Multiple Documents in a Workflow


Now you can have multiple documents associated to a workflow task.  To do this, you just need to toggle through each document as you complete the step. It is easier to determine if multiple documents are associated to a step with the new preview.

Activity Tracking

End users can now easily see all the interactions and activities for a document while that document is in workflow.  Clients love this new functionality so they can easily view the history of a document.

New Workflow Designer

If anyone has seen the workflow designer in SpringCM before, you know it is no easy task to create one of these processes.  The new workflow designer has been updated to make it easier for users to automate their business processes. While it is still in Beta, we are looking forward to this functionality being available for everyone this Fall!

To see more of the enhancements from the summer release, click here.  If you are ready to implement any of this new functionality, give us a call at 410-263-2707.


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