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Support Services from Buan Consulting

Posted by Sean Book, Customer Success Manager

Buan Consulting has exciting news to share with you. We have launched our Buan Customer Success Team (CST), a group of talented experts dedicated to the long term success of each client partnering with Buan.

The Buan Customer Success Team is a client support group where your requests are the first priority. You are the focus for this group. The CST will manage all of your questions, inquiries and work directly with you until resolution. The support team will still work with the Buan development team as necessary.

We now have three ways you can access the Customer Success Team:

The Buan Community is a self-service portal where you can create and view support requests. Feel free to use the Buan Community at any time.

All Buan clients have access to the Buan Community. Access will be granted at the start of your project or support agreement.

After your support request is made, the Customer Success Team will work your request to resolution.

You can view the status of any of your requests by opening the Buan Community, clicking the Cases tab and opening the ‘All Cases’ or ‘All Open Cases’ list views.

The Buan Customer Success Team can assist in many different ways, including:

  • Salesforce Administration
  • Salesforce Consulting
  • CPQ Support
  • Process Development
  • Data Migration and Integration
  • Data Cleaning
  • Strategic Discovery and Roadmapping
  • Partner, Customer and Community Portals
  • Salesforce Governance and Change Management
  • Salesforce Integration with other tools
  • AppExchange Apps
  • Apex and Visualforce