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Conference of State Bank Supervisors

Conference of State Bank Supervisors

The Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) is the nation’s leading advocate for the state banking system, and the only national organization dedicated to advancing the state banking system.

They have contracted with Buan to help them get the full 360 degree view of their “customers” who are the state-chartered financial institutions including mortgage providers, money service businesses, payday lenders, check cashers and finance companies.

Buan has worked with CSBS to take their legacy “Profile” questionnaire to a selected group of users who complete an online survey of their state’s banking practices. The “Profile” is accessed via a Salesforce Community and has an easy to navigate user interface. It also is flexible enough to allow the CSBS staff to introduce new topics and questions each year and easily compare year over year trending.

CSBS also operates a Call Center which utilizes Service Cloud and provides quick access to issues related to any of their “customers” as well as manage workflow and escalations to subject matter experts. The Call Center sends out a customer satisfaction survey to random customers and has seen marked improvement in their ability to manage their constituents interactions with the organization.

They are also in the process of introducing a system to allow Mortgage Lenders the ability to update their License Settings and Fee structure with an audit trail of changes tracked in And they are rolling out a tracking system for their constituents’ efforts to meet the requirements for certification and hours of instruction.

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