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What’s fast-paced, multi-faceted and growing quickly?

Answer: Construction!

Innovation’s impact can be strongly felt in the construction industry. Increased customer demand, rapid economic growth and cross-disciplinary project management all combine to create unique challenges for construction businesses today. For nearly ten years, Buan has partnered with construction companies to help solve these very business challenges. By customizing the Salesforce platform, Buan has designed and developed solutions that integrate systems, streamline processes and help them save time. Buan is thrilled to announce the addition of two new construction-related customers:


Vintage Contractors specializes in all types of outdoor sport and recreational surfaces, related construction, accessories and services. Vintage Contractors offer a wide breadth products and services that each possess unique project paths and requirements. Buan will help them migrate data from a legacy operating system to the Salesforce cloud-and to engineer a solution that will serve them well now and well into the future. Lafayette Glass Company is a 65-year old family owned and operated business, and specializes in Residential, Automotive, Commercial and Industrial Glass applications. With multiple products, services and customer segments, Buan will utilize their expertise in the construction industry to help Lafayette Glass quickly and efficiently install their Salesforce systems. “The construction industry is evolving and growing at a rapid pace. We’re thrilled play a part in its evolution by integrating innovative solutions for businesses looking to modernize their practices and bring their processes into the future,” quotes Dan Buan, CEO of Buan Consulting.

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