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Excalibur Associates: A Case Study

Problem: Geographically dispersed government contractor with significant data silos which resulted in limited visibility and understanding of “the big picture” on business activities and sales. Heavy reliance on spread sheets with no formal way to track or manage data.

Challenge: Implement a solution that would create one source of truth for data and provide insight into sales activity.

Solution: Use as single data source to relate all CRM data along with workflow and alerts to track important activity.

Benefits/Results: With an expedited 6 week implementation and through Dashboards, Sr Leadership has greater real time insight into the business and sales activity.

“We knew the value of when we chose them as our CRM system, but Buan helped us to create a system that was a perfect fit for our business. Our senior management team now has real-time insight into the business development and capture planning activities, and the business development team has the system they need to be successful.”
— Fred Mendes, Excalibur CEO

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