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Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services: A Case Study

Problem: CMS needed to manage communications across a large, nationally dispersed group of healthcare providers. They also needed to coordinate outreach efforts, including events that host from five to several thousand people.

Challenge: CMS required robust reporting as well as a tool for online collaboration among their 275 licenses—a scalable solution that would be rolled out to additional sales staff moving forward.

Solution: Using Apex and VisualForce, Buan implemented RECON, CMS’s highly customized, sophisticated Salesforce solution. RECON features CRM functionality for accounts and contacts, an activity calendar, a custom object cloning feature, and a tagging system that categorizes organizations, events, and marketing campaigns.

Benefits/Results: One single system of record creates extremely efficient communication among CMS’s 275 licenses. By identifying the number and types of people they’re reaching, the company accurately measures the value of their outreach efforts and sets ongoing benchmarks. Buan adds new functionalities every month to address the CMS’s changing needs.

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