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Using Formula Fields to Improve User Experience

Displaying something with an image can sometimes be more meaningful to a user than using text. Including an image on a Standard Salesforce page is easy!  All you need to know is the url of where the image is located.  Use the IMAGE() function in conjunction with the url of the image in a Formula field. In the below example, the Green Flag image is included next to the Account Status label.

Here are the exact Steps to add an image to a Salesforce Page.

  1.  Create a new Formula field
  2.  Select “Text” for the Formula Return Type


3. Enter the Formula in the following Format:

IMAGE (image_url, alternate_text, height, width)
a. Image_url is the location of the image.
b. Alternate_text is the text shown if the image can’t be displayed
c. Height is the height of the image
d. Width is the width of the image

4. Add the Formula field to the page layout and you are finished!

To make the picture change based on some other field value on the Object, just use CASE Logic in the Formula Field.  In the below example, the picture of the flag changes from Green, to Yellow, to Red based on the Rating field value.

You can read additional information in Salesforce Help or contact your Buan Consultant for any questions you may have.

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