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Massachusetts Office of Business Development: A Case Study

Problem: Massachussetts Office of Business Development (MOBD) has a program called Economic Development Incentive Program (EDIP), which gives tax benefits to companies who keep their business in MA and meet growth requirements. Each year, these companies need to report financial and employment numbers to the MOBD to show that they are meeting the program guidelines.

Challenge: Create an online application that will allow companies to enter their yearly numbers. Also create a way for municipalities to see all company’s documentation within their region, who are taking advantage of these benefits.

Solution: Using Salesforce Sites, create a website which allows all companies in the program to log in, enter their yearly data, and view all submitted documents in PDF format. Also allows municipalities to log in and see data for all companies within their governance. Lastly, create tools for administrators to more easily find and view these documents.

Benefits/Results: Phase 1 of this project was finished in February 2013 and allowed companies to enter data for the EDIP New Program for Calendar Year 2012, only.  The project was further expanded and released in August 2013 to allow more configuration options by the MOBD, allowing them to specify either the EDIP Old Program, and/or EDIP New Program start and end dates, as well as to increment the year periodically. Companies can now view all past EDIP documents, as well as enter new data. Municipalities can see these same documents for all companies within their governance. Admins have search tools and many options to make their jobs far easier while managing these programs.

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