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Message Systems: A Case Study

Problem: Message Systems had an inaccurate and incomplete listing of clients and potential clients within . Sales and support used  two  completely different systems with no crossover of information , and even though they had been using  for several years there was a lack of adoption because it did not meet their needs or facilitate the sales cycle.

Challenge: Find a single system that  could  provide accurate and timely information to sales and support.

Solution: Combined sales and support into a single systems  while revamping the sales process and field requirements to speed the sales cycle.  Buan also created  workflows  to facilitate the transfer of information from sales to support.

Benefits/Results: 100% adoption. Message Systems now has a single system where everyone can see accounts, opportunities and contacts  and  can view all the products that have been sold to each client. They understand any issues that have occurred with any of the products  at the client and have facilitated collaboration between groups to track demo installations and their success.

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