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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: A Case Study

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Problem: CFPB needed to take in and as appropriate, respond to, route, address, manage, and analyze consumer contacts through a centralized system that would integrate content and communications across multiple channels, using best in class software tools.

Challenge: The CFPB needed to prove the concept on a cloud-based customer service software which would meet the CFPB security requirements. The pilot project would be managed by a contractor for the government which would define the requirements and manage the initial pilot for automated credit card complaint resolution. The project needed to be completed in 45 days.

Solution: Buan Consulting created a High Volume Portal for the CFPB for issue/complaint intake as well as a system for sharing issues without filing a formal complaint. They used the style sheets and brand designed by the CFPB’s website development team to provide a sleek, mobile friendly user interface. The forms collected data from consumers online and provided a simple, easy to manage system for doing triage and handing problems back to the banks via the Partner Portal as well as storing consumer feedback for future analysis by the CFPB.

Benefits/Results: the CFPB received a functioning system within 45 days to prove the capability of a cloud-based online system for collecting consumer information. The consumer would be able to share issues with the government without filing a formal complaint. The CFPB could use this knowledge to inform policy and enforcement planning in the future.

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