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Enabling the Salesforce Lightning Experience

Posted by Leena Nash, CMS Practice Manager

The Salesforce Lightning Experience is a slick new user interface layered on top of your existing Salesforce account. It offers tons of new functionality and the new UI makes data look more impressive. The Salesforce Lightning experience also includes great enhancements for list views, report filters, inline email, enhanced notes, etc. While the Lightning experience adds exciting new features, there are several items which are not supported yet (scroll to the end to read about these).

If you want to take the new UI for a test drive, we suggest activating it in either your full or development sandbox. Here is a step-by-step guide for a quick and easy activation:

  1. Go to ‘Setup’ in your organization:

  1. Under the ‘Quick Find/Search’, click on ‘Lightning Experience’:


  1. This page contains a lot of information about Lightning and how to evaluate if it is a good fit for your organization. We encourage you to watch the videos and read through the documentation for a better understanding.  When done, scroll to the bottom and click on the Lightning Experience button to set it to ‘Enabled’:


  1. Voila! Your new Lightning UI is ready for use! This looks significantly different from the current UI. Notice the tabs across the top have now moved to the left hand side bar:


  1. Remember, for any reason if you need to switch back, click on ‘Switch to Salesforce Classic’ under the View Profile icon at the far right:


  1. Top right navigation includes Global Actions for quick access to Tasks & Activities:


  1. There is also the familiar Help & Training:


  1. And the App Launcher, which now shows all accessible standard and custom apps as icons:


  1. Now, all tabs are located on the left side bar:

Below are a few key items which are not yet supported (there are more, but we just highlighted some of the more popular ones):

  • No Campaign & Campaign Member data
  • No ability to “Find/Merge Duplicates” or “Add to Campaign” for Leads
  • No inline editing
  • No custom buttons
  • No support for person accounts
  • No record merging
  • No mass email

Now that you know how to activate the Lightening experience, give it a try! As always, please contact your Buan Consultant with any questions.

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