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3 reasons why many CPQ & CLM projects fail

For the last decade, Gartner research has shared more than 50% of all CRM software projects, which include CPQ and CLM, have either failed to meet expectations or failed outright. It’s a discouraging trend. But the root-cause analysis reveals that better Preparation and Planning can mitigate failure and begin to reverse the tide.

Why do so many CRM software projects fail?  Here are the top 3 reasons*:

  • The project fails to acquire visible, vocal and active executive sponsorship. Successful CRM projects have committed and passionate executive sponsors.
  • The project fails to fully involve users. Many failures show a pattern of project managers, IT staff or software selection spearheads making a purchase decision in a vacuum, and without the input or detailed functional requirements important to the staff that will be using the application.
  • The project fails a proper software selection. This is often the result of choosing a software solution based on subjective criteria and without fully considering the specific functional capabilities that will align the software to the business needs.

Your project can be part of the successful other 50% by working with Buan Consulting. We implement powerful SteelBrick/Salesforce CRM solutions and take proactive measures to make sure your project succeeds. We have the most certified SteelBrick consultants and most successfully completed CPQ (configure, price, quote) implementations of any partner. Yet, we also see ourselves as an agent to help you increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

By partnering with the leading CPQ and CLM (contract lifecycle management) solution providers – SteelBrick and SpringCM – Buan Consulting is best positioned to handle your transition from Quote to Cash, ensuring your users are up and running smoothly and help you accelerate sales.

Give us a call at 410-263-2707 to speak to our team and find out how we can help you integrate CPQ with CLM.

*according to

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