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Getting SteelBrick CPQ and SpringCM to Work Together

Posted by Sue Faron, Principal Consultant

You’ve seen our blog posts on the huge value CPQ can bring to your sales team. Today, we will explore the ways you can build on those tools and begin to track your contract negotiations via SpringCM for Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). This integration will allow you to streamline the contract life cycle from the initial presentation to the customer, through red lines, approvals and signature.

SpringCM allows you to create a Folder Structure, which is visible within Salesforce, where the folder names are set up using data stored in Salesforce. For example, your Account files can be stored in a file based on the Salesforce Account Name.

A VisualForce page component can be added to any of the objects where you are storing your documents. For example, your Contracts might be stored on the Account and your Quotes on the Opportunity.

A SteelBrick setting on the User Record allows the Sales Rep to select the Microsoft Word version of the Document.

The revisions are saved in the appropriate folder and the status of the red line process is recorded each step along the way.


With a little assistance from an XML expert, you can set up your SpringCM workflow to manage the full life cycle of the Quote through the redline process. You can dynamically determine the point at which the Quote is sent out to your Primary Contact or allow your user to determine the group of Contacts who will be included.

Now that you’ve seen what this integration can do, give us a call at 410-263-2707 or contact your Buan Consultant when you’re ready to see a demo!

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