News & Resources — January 2014 Archive

The Custom Setting Every Administrator Needs

Tip of the month: January - by Senior Consultant Julianne Boley As an administrator, you may want to protect data integrity by setting up validation rules that prevent users from creating, editing, and/or deleting data. Often in this situation there are certain users that are exceptions to the rule and you may find yourself writing…

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Buan adds two new clients to its roster

Buan is thrilled to announce partnership with two new clients this month-further deepening its industry verticals in both economic development and technology. Commerce Rhode Island, an organization focused on economic development growth for the state of Rhode Island, looks to Buan to digitize internal systems currently being managed manually via spreadsheets. Their goal is to…

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A meaningful gift.

Happy New Year to all! At Buan Consulting, we’re very grateful for what 2013 brought and what 2014 will bring. Innovation, technology, collaboration and new partnerships all combine to continue to inspire us at Buan and power future growth. For this, and much more, we’re very grateful. At Buan, we feel that the best way…

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