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Email your Salesforce Reports Automatically

Do you hate the hassle of running those weekly reports and emailing them to a group of users?  Did you know you can set up your Salesforce Reports to run and be emailed to you and other users automatically?

It’s easy. Here’s how:

1. Navigate to the “Reports” tab.

2. Select the desired report.

3. Click on the “Run Report” option and select “Schedule Future Runs.”

4. The “Schedule Report” page will appear.

5. The first field is the “Running User.”  The running user must be someone who has access to the report folder in which the report is stored.

Note:  1. You need the “View All Data” permission to specify a running user other than yourself and the level of access of the running user determines how the report is populated


6. Select the appropriate radio buttons to choose if you would like the report sent to yourself or to yourself and others.

7. In the next section, set the frequency, duration, and time the report will be delivered.

  • Under “Frequency,” select if the report will run daily, weekly, or monthly.  Also choose the day(s) of the week the report will run.
  • Use the “Start” and “End” fields to specify the dates between which the report should run.
  • In the “Preferred Start Time” field, select the time of day you would like the report to run.

8. In the last section, you can save your entries.  If you made changes to the report before entering your automation settings AND would like to keep your changes, choose the “Save report modifications with this schedule” radio button.  If you don’t want to save your changes, select the “Discard report modifications” radio button.

9. Click the “Save Report Schedule” button.

That’s all there is to it!  Sit back and let do the work for you!