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Grow your business with Apps from the Salesforce AppExchange

What do CloudSense Commerce, Conga Composer, Geopointe, TaskRay and Xactly Incent have in common?

Posted by Buan Consulting

Businesses across the country are turning to the AppExchange from Salesforce for business solutions. An online marketplace, AppExchange lets you browse third-party apps or customize your own app development.

The pre-built apps are customized for Salesforce so you can preview, test, download and install them right into your Salesforce environment, increasing productivity of your team and the growth of your organization.

Prepare an AppExchange Strategy

To determine which apps will benefit your business, it is important to develop a strategy. Ask managers and stakeholders, or the primary users, what types of apps would save time and make their tasks more productive.

Once the apps have been chosen, they should be tested and evaluated for functionality and compatibility in a sandbox (or a copy of the organization in a separate environment) before it is downloaded and installed. Before the app can be used stakeholders must receive training and documentation for the new app. Stakeholders and managers will need to know when the app will be effective; and if it will replace an existing app that is outdated or no longer fills your needs, a plan will need to be put into effect to move the data from the old app to the new before users can be given access.

How Businesses Use Apps to Improve Communication

In today’s business environment a company can have offices in multiple cities or even countries, employees who telecommute or work at job sites around the country or world. Your employees need access to real-time company information and mobile apps give them that access.

Technology has changed the way organizations do business. Sixty-four percent of American adults own a smart phone, according to a 2015 Pew study. Organizations that leverage the right mobile platforms are able to share information faster and increase productivity.

Use Apps from the AppExchange to Grow your Business

With apps from the Salesforce AppExchange you will be able to get the technology that can scale and support all aspects of your business. The single cloud-based platform of the AppExchange can store all of your data, run the apps you use for every department, and perhaps most importantly, deliver value to your customers. Satisfied customers are essential to business growth.

Apps Allow your Organization to Stretch Resources

Apps from the AppExchange will help a small or medium-sized company do business like a large one. Employing apps can help stretch your company’s resources further and save time getting the job done. Instead of developing expertise and building solutions, your organization can use the AppExchange to find solutions with pre-built apps that will promote business growth.

Justin Kuryliw, Salesforce Sales Engineer and Luke Smedley, Director of Process and Systems at Interxion shared their top five recommended apps during the “AppExchange for Small and Medium Businesses” session at Dreamforce. Their top picks include:

This app will increase sales effectiveness and reduce costs with a single CPQ field sales platform for selling all products.

Generates proposals, quotes, account plans, contracts and more with one click.

Map and geocode your Salesforce data

Plan work quickly and efficiently with this project management tool

Centralize and control the entire sales incentive process


These apps will allow a small department or team to accomplish the same amount of work as a much larger department or team.

Whatever your business, apps will have an ever increasing role in day-to-day operations. You will be able to find apps for every department and budget. Many apps on the AppExchange are Free.