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Salesforce Einstein can Help Make your Business Intuitive

Posted by Buan Consulting

Einstein can now reach thousands of customers in a personalized way, can turn data into business insights and help build and deepen your customer partnerships.  We’re not referring to Albert Einstein, the most influential physicist of the 20th century, but to Salesforce Einstein, the first comprehensive AI technology for CRM.

Salesforce, the Customer Success Platform and number one customer relationship management (CRM) company in the world, unveiled Salesforce Einstein on September 19, 2016. Salesforce reports Einstein will bring the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to every Salesforce user. Salesforce Einstein is integrated into many Salesforce products, including Analytics, App, Sales, Marketing, Service and Community Cloud. Enter your data and Einstein will analyze the data to help your company predict customers’ future needs!

With Einstein’s AI for CRM, your company is data ready, saving time and resources that are better used for signing deals. With Salesforce Cloud services and Einstein your company will be able to unleash the full power of your Salesforce solution and maximizing your ROI. Salesforce Einstein lets you better serve your customers by:

  • Anticipating sales opportunities with Sales Cloud Einstein
  • Create predictive analysis with Marketing Cloud Einstein
  • Embed intelligence in apps with App Cloud Einstein
  • Proactively resolve problems with Service Cloud Einstein

Your team can analyze data, predict and plan, and automate tasks and decisions with Salesforce Einstein’s integrated AI to help the team manage customer interactions and build stronger business relationships through:

  • Customer positioning and behavior insights
  • Anticipated sales opportunities
  • Predict customer needs before the customer realizes the need
  • Provide personalized customer experiences
  • Resolve issues before they can become a problem

Provide your customers with seamless automated workflows, timely and applicable suggestions and an experience that is personalized to each customer. The AI of Einstein provides your team with three very valuable and most used outcomes:

  1. Forecasting - Salesforce Einstein gives your company the tools to predict future value. For example, it can tell your sales manager if the sales team is on track to meet its quota.
  2. Predictive scoring - Einstein not only gives you a score, it also provides an understanding of how it arrived at that score. For example, it will not only give you a score on each sales lead but also the reason behind the score.
  3. Recommendations - Einstein can help the sales manager and team decide the best approach for customers. For example, what type of information to present to a prospective client to optimize the chance of closing the deal.


Salesforce Einstein is redefining customer success as we know it today — so that it looks more like tomorrow. Einstein provides AI to everyone, and it will embed Einstein in quote to cash to provide customers new pricing and product insights. Discover how Salesforce Einstein can help you to increase your sales, improve service and market your products. Contact Buan Consulting to help you learn how your company can benefit by integrating Salesforce Einstein into your business practices.


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