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Tip of the Month: How to Edit Chatter Feed Posts and Comments

The Summer ’15 release of allows system administrators to provide users with the ability to Edit their Chatter Feed Posts and Comments.

If you are an existing customer, the “Allow users to edit posts and comments” option in Chatter Settings was enabled by default when your instance received the Summer ’15 Release:

If your users have custom profiles, you will need to do edit their system permissions to actually give them the ability to edit. For each custom profile, go to System Permissions:

You’ll see two new permissions here :

Granting the profile the “Edit My Own Posts” allows users assigned to the profile to edit their own text Chatter posts and comments.  This permission was automatically granted to all Standard Profiles with the Summer ’15 Release, so if you do not want to grant users this permission, you will need to create custom profiles to assign to your users and uncheck this box.

Granting the “Edit Posts on Records I Own” allows users assigned to the profile to edit their own and any chatter post/comment made by any user on the record detail feed for records that they own. This permission was not automatically enabled on any of the profiles, however, Chatter moderators, Community moderators, and users with “Modify All Data” permission can always edit all posts and comments.

Users with the required permissions will now see an “Edit” option in the upper right menu on their text posts, comments, questions, and answers:

When a post or comment is edited and saved, the item is date/time stamped to show the edit:

The fine print:

  • If users edit a post or comment and mention new people or groups, those people and groups receive email notifications. People and groups who were mentioned in the original post or comment will not receive a new email notification. Email notifications for edited posts or comments show the Edited time stamp.
  • Chatter posts with link or file attachments and system-generated posts like feed tracked record updates are not editable.
  • For community users, feed post editing is only available if the community was created using Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce or the Napili template.

For additional details on this and all of the other great new features in the Summer ’15 Release, you can read the Release Notes or contact your Buan Consultant.

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