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Lockheed Martin: A Case Study

Problem: LM won a contract to support 65,000 TSA employees with HR support and needed a system to manage their day to day interactions with the TSA Federal Security Directors at each airport throughout the United States.

Challenge: Create a case management system that is easy to use. Track site visits and feedback from the TSA staff. Import  data from the Siebel system that the TSA call center uses to log cases. Track metrics and report on effectiveness of the LM team in resolving the issues. The system need to be live within 4 weeks.

Solution: Buan Consulting deployed the standard case management system and a custom object to track the site visits and feedback. They imported sample data from the Siebel system and trained the group of 12 users and system administrator at LM. Reports and a simple Dashboard were used to track the effectiveness of the LM team.

Benefits/Results: The LM team received a fully functioning system within 4 weeks of kickoff and under the budget allowed for this sub-contract to their multi-million dollar contract with the TSA.

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