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Buan adds two new Salesforce all-stars to its team

Buan consultants embody a unique blend of talents. Proven experience with Salesforce, strong communication skills, and a true passion for problem-solving through innovation are among a few of the characteristics that Buan requires. That said, this kind of talent only comes along once in a while.

To that end, we’re thrilled to announce the addition of two new consultants that are joining the Buan team this month.

Cindi Pickering brings five years’ experience engineering, customizing and implementing Salesforce solutions. She brings both an experienced, strategic perspective that ensures alignment with top-level goals, as well as a firm understanding of the finer points of data migration and integration. Cindi is no stranger to complex, enterprise requirements, having spent nine previous years customizing various leading COTS (Custom Off the Shelf) CRM solutions for large-scale commercial and nonprofit institutions.

Madhu Satrasala brings over ten years experience designing, configuring, testing and implementing enterprise systems that streamline internal processes such as human resources, financials, customer service, university student systems, inventory management and manufacturing workflow. It is Madhu’s mastery of Salesforce that first caught our attention—and her innate analytical and problem-solving skills serve as a powerful complement.

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