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Arlington County Economic Development: A Case Study

Arlington Economic Development

Problem: Customer information was being tracked in separate databases, dependent on the organizational unit. Marketing lists were created by combining individual lists and Performance metrics were reported after activities were completed.

Solution: Guided data migration effortts. Moved contacts without accounts or activity back to leads. Introduced record types: forecasting and products. Revamped the web form lead capture process and implemented list management through Campaigns and basic event management. New reports to monitor year to year progress anytime, on demand. Strategy for future change management adopted. Ongoing support plan to prioritize requests and respond to evolving business processes

Benefits/Results: Sharing of centralized data accomplished. Email list management under control using Campaign Change management process defined. Data cleansed, private data removed. Adoption rate improved. Additional benefits seen from adopting

  • Increased organizational collaboration
  • Better quality to manage reports
  • Collecting between 2,000 and 2,500 leads on a monthly basis
  • Business opportunities are managed
  • Bringing real value to the Arlington economy that is well documented and a provision for seamless transitions of employees

“We looked at many different economic development software packages and never felt comfortable with them. The solution implemented by Buan Consulting comes closest to what we need. Most economic development work is focused on partnerships and long-term relationships. We can now manage all the players in a business recruitment opportunity and track follow-up obligations essential to these complex relationships. We will be making significant process enhancements based on real information rather than anecdotal data or guesswork.”
— Cynthia Richmond, Deputy Director for Arlington Economic Development

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