News & Resources — July 2013 Archive

Buan’s Tip of the Month: Opportunity Splits

by Senior Consultant Julianne Boley 

Opportunity Splits If your sales process includes multiple team members that should receive some portion of credit for a closed won sale, the Summer 13 has a new feature that could help you accurately give credit where it is due. 

ABC company pays its sales team a 3% commission on…

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Buan is thrilled to announce the addition of two new clients to its roster. We’re excited to delve into their unique challenges to identify how we can improve productivity and customer relationships using Salesforce. The Leonie Group - The Leonie Group is a customer-focused company that has become a leading provider of management consultants, analysts…

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Meet David Murissi, joining Buan Consulting as a Senior-Level Consultant with certification. David has over 10 years of experience working with databases and CRM systems, with over 7 years working on Salesforce, managing a wide variety of projects including implementations, org consolidations, add-on features and functionality, and comprehensive support. He has worked on all…

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