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Alexandria Economic Development Partnership: A Case Study

Problem: AEDP wanted to be able to capture and track available properties in Alexandria and be able to present a web based application to allow user to find these properties.

Challenge: Keeping track of available properties and presenting them in a user friendly web based search.

Solution: Buan Consulting created objects to keep track of properties and allow staff to update available spaces in these properties. Buan Consulting created a Salesforce Site to display a map with filters to allow external users to search for properties that have spaces available based on their criteria.

Benefits/Results: AEDP was able to display the Salesforce Site on their web site and allow external users to be able to search for available spaces based on data in Salesforce. The Salesforce Site allows external user to export data and create a Lead in Salesforce so AEDP can follow up with user about any questions or assistance they might need in finding a property that will meet the external users needs.

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