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The Sheridan Group: A Case Study

Problem: The Sheridan Group is an enterprise corporation consisting of multiple business divisions that were each using their own legacy CRM systems. The existing CRM systems did not provide a way for the sales teams to track their opportunities through the sales pipeline, there was little in the way of automation for business process efficiency, and reporting at an executive level was a challenge as there were no enterprise wide standards.

Challenge: Implementation of an enterprise system that supports the business process of each division while allowing for standardized enterprise reporting. System security architecture that could enable visibility of divisional cross selling opportunities while still observing the enterprise security model was an additional challenge.

Solution: Through a Five Phase project, each division of The Sheridan Group was migrated from their existing legacy system onto an enterprise wide shared instance of  Sales processes were configured to meet the needs of each divisional team, while still allowing for standardized reporting. Salesforce automation tools were leveraged to promote business efficiencies. allows all business units of The Sheridan Group to have better visibility into their sales and marketing activities and better executive level monitoring of the sales pipeline.

Benefits/Results: It has empowered the sales and customer service teams with more relevant and timely information to:

  • Improve sales user experience by providing online, off-line, and mobile application availability
  • Empowered the sales and marketing teams with relevant and timely information
  • Supported field sales activities
  • Expanded cross-selling opportunities
  • Advanced and standardized reporting and analytics
  • Identification of customer and aggregate trends which enables The Sheridan Group to react proactively and intelligently to a changing business climate.

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